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Red Trees and Snowflakes Christmas Flask

$ 22.99

Look, I may be just a flask maker, but I can guarantee you Santa will appreciate this festive boozy flask offering more than he would that sad pile of trail mix or store bought cookies you were going to hastily put out.


•Holds 6 oz of liquid courage
•Brushed stainless steel body
•Convenient laser welded attached cap (so you don’t lose track of it, ya drunk)
•Industrial washed interior
•Leak tested
•3.75" Length, 1.00" Width, 4.50" Height

Most flasks are customizable! You wouldn’t want to be caught dead with the same flask as someone else, right? If you choose a different background color, the new color will preserve the original print shown in the main picture. Custom text can also be added, in case you have something particularly cool to say...or if you just want to put your name on it to thwart thieves.

Harmless Habit flasks are near indestructible (though why would you want to harm such a dear friend?). The designs are printed using a commercial grade printer onto sturdy tear-proof, alcohol-proof polyester material. An acrylic finish makes for a subtly glossy and scratch resistant final product. Listen, you will get a LOT of mileage out of your flask – definitely more than your doctor recommends.

The design wraps completely around the flask and overlap in the back.

Harmless Habit flasks are lovingly handmade in Minneapolis. Flasks typically take between 2 – 4 business days to make. We understand your urgency to receive your badass flasks and will ship ‘em out as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality!

Want something completely unique? Just wanna say hey? Don't be shy.

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